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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 1 box containing 24 packs of 35 grams each. Once the transfer is complete your jerky will be send by EMS (Outside of Bangkok: 3-5 days) or by hand (Central Bangkok: 2-3 days)


How much does Highlands Jerky cost?

Buy Highlands Jerky directly from us online and receive a great deal of discount from store prices. We have many types of discounts year round so contact us directly for more information.


What is the delivery cost?

Delivery costs in the Kingdom of Thailand are are as follows

1-3 boxes 100 baht delivery fee per box 

4 or more boxes, no delivery fee.


What is the payment procedure?

To order highlands jerky, send us your order from our "contact us" section. We will confirm your order and notify you of the grand total. Please comple the transaction by tranferring the appropriate amount to this Siam Commercial Bank account :0324669926 : Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd. ( for swifter delivery please notify 0819898626 of the transfer by text or call) 


How healthy is Highlands Jerky?

Highlands Jerky is one of the healthiest snacks in the Thai snack market. It is the snack with the highest percentage of protein per serving (16 grams of protein, 30 gram serving) in the market that we know of and has a an amazing protein-to-carb ration of only .85 grams of carb for every 1 gram of protein consumed. It is a lean snack that can be consumed by anyone looking to not gain weight while snacking and is a great snack for athletes of any kind.For a complete analysis of the nutrition facts of Highlands Jerky and data comparing highlands jerky and other snacks available in the market, email us at


Why is Highlands Jerky pricier than other snacks?

Highlands Jerky may seem pricier than other snacks in the market because our raw material isn’t nuts, potatoes, seaweed, or squid. Every single 35gram pack is produced from100 grams ultra lean pork or beef mixed with the finest natural ingredients which is then cured for 24 hours and dried for the same amount of time to the perfect level of pliability for maximum health and enjoyment.


How long does Highlands Jerky last?

Jerky, unlike other snacks does not truly expire. As it is dried to perfection, it has no moisture left to allow bacteria to grow within the product and its low level of fat does not allow it to become putrid. However, to experience the full freshness of our jerky ( in terms of taste, color, smell and texture), consume within 6 months of production.


How do I become a Highlands Jerky distributor in my country?

To become a distributor of Highlands Jerky in your country, contact us directly by email. We welcome those who want to distribute our product around the world because we want everyone to be able to snack healthily.

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