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About Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd.


Montecore Snacks Co. Ltd. is a Thai owned and operated American-style beef and pork jerky manufacturer. Our jerky is produced under the  ‘Highlands Jerky’ brand and is the best selling locally made American-Style jerky product.  Our production facility, equipment, and production process is inspected and approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand ensuring that our product is always processed in a safe and hygienic manner. Our meat is washed with carbon and UV filtered water and is dehydrated to have a water activity level(aw) of less that .75 making it shelf stable for well over half a year,  satisfying the strictest of import requirements. Traditionally, jerky is sliced into thick pieces of meat that results in a product that is tough and, as the name suggests, “jerky”. Our R&D Department however have found that thinner strips of beef are more friendly to customers who may have trouble chewing, such as those over 65 years of age. Our jerky, therefore, still retains the traditional western taste of jerky but is easier to consume.

Meet the management team.

Young success-driven entrepreneurs whose background includes food manufacturing, marketing, communications, and sales. These professionals, in 2012, aimed to introduce healthy snack choices such as beef and pork jerky to the Thai and ASEAN market. The challenge that they have placed upon themselves is to produce ultra-high-quality snack that is high in protein, contains minimal carbohydrates, is low in fats, oven-dried, and produced in an authentic home made fashion, yet possesses the qualities needed for a product to be sold in modern trade outlets. The Founding partners through out the years include: Krit Sukawat, Anan Sukumpanumet, Kerati Keratichewanun, Theirrawat Jeoungprasert, Steven Avram and the Chisanucha Kanjanaphokin.



Krit Tone Sukawat


Krit (Tone) Sukawat, a first class honors graduate from the  Faculty of Communications Arts, Chulalongkorn University, and English Anchorman for MET 107 Fm ( MCOT RADIO NETWORK) and RADIO THAILAND FM 88, is the creator of the original Highlands Jerky recipe and founder of Montecore Snacks Co. Ltd. As a national athlete and founder of the Chulalongkorn University Rowing Team, Krit realized the need for a high-protein low-fat snack. Not finding a product that fit his requirements, he decided to produce American-style beef jerky for his teammates. Turning concept into reality, Krit brought together a team of friends and investors to form Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd in early 2012 and to this day remains a leader in the company.








Alexander Thaweesak Thananan


Alexander Thaweesak Thananan is a true adventurer. As an actor, Entreprenuer and Radio Personality for MET 107 fm Alexander lives the true highlands jerky lifestyle. Always on the move and always prepared for any situation, he keeps bags of jerky with him wherever he goes. He has taken Highlands jerky on its ultimate test as a portable Ready-to-Eat Meat Snack on set while filming THE CAVE, a film about the Thai cave rescue of 12 boys from the wild boars soccer team. 








Chinatat Promchote


Chinatat Promchote is an online marketing Guru and master content creator. As an online content marketing consultant for multiple companies, Chinatat and his team is the mastermind behind all the informative content that highlights the gret benefits of Highlands jerky. 








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